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Managerial Leadership Practices

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"Leadership – is the accountability in some, but not in all roles, to influence one or more others – followers – willingly to accept the leader’s purpose and goals and all to move in the direction set by the leader by suffusing authority with leadership practices appropriate for that role."

(Dr. Elliott Jaques 1998)

The purpose of Managerial Leadership Practices is to set up multiple organizational conditions that enable people to work effectively, with mutual trust, and thereby provide the opportunity for the full expression of accountable and authoritative managerial leadership and creative effort. (Requisite Organization, Elliott Jaques, Second Edition 1996). We will help you in building those conditions so you can learn, use them in real work manner, teach them to your teams and eventually coach your subordinates.

Where to Start

It’s all about trust inducing working relationship, involving human touch and information technology to support our intervention.

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