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"Leadership: A Rethink in the Context of AI" by Denny Turner, Eddie Arsyad, and Heidi Mehltretter, presents a cutting-edge perspective on leadership within the framework of Elliot Jacques' Requisite Organization, tailored to the age of artificial intelligence. The authors delve into the multifaceted role of AI as an advisor, an authority on data-driven decisions, a tool for practical applications, a checkpoint for accountability, and as the basis for algorithms that inform leadership actions.


The expanded key areas include:


AI as an Advisory: AI's role in providing leaders with actionable insights and recommendations is emphasized. The authors discuss how AI systems can serve as digital advisors, offering analyses that inform strategic decisions and organizational adjustments.


AI as an Authority: The book examines how leaders can establish AI as an authoritative source of information without undermining human expertise. It explores the balance between AI-driven decision-making and the requisite human judgment.


AI Applications in Leadership: Practical applications of AI in day-to-day leadership tasks are outlined, illustrating how AI can enhance operational efficiency, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.


AI and Accountability: Turner and Arsyad tackle the challenge of maintaining accountability in decisions influenced by AI, ensuring leaders remain responsible for outcomes and the ethical use of AI.


Algorithms Guiding Leadership: The authors discuss the design and implementation of algorithms that align with organizational goals and values, ensuring they contribute positively to the company's mission and vision.

LEADERSHIP - A Rethink In The Context of AI: A Paradigm Shift

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